Friday, August 8, 2008

Beaches! Beaches! Beaches!

Back in landlocked Indiana, we heart ourselves some beaches. We happily go to Monroe Beach (volume alert!) and Indiana Beach and pretend, but a real, live beach? With an ocean and everything? And tide pools? And pelicans? I love it so much it makes me sick.

Pebble Beach has tide pools you can clamber around while the surf awesomely (or terrifyingly, depending on whether or not you can swim...ahem) cascades over the rocks a few feet away: Near the tide pools were all these big crabs hidden in the rocks, but if you sat very, very still for a while, say, looking at a starfish, they would creep out and do weird things with their mouths and go click, click, click, just like in The Dark Crystal.

Pebble Beach is made up of the leavings from a rock reef offshore, and it's a very nice sound when the waves move in and out. There are supposedly some very interesting stones here, because you're not allowed to take any of them:

But dance on them you can:

Davenport Beach, where some of Grandpa Bangle's ashes were scattered, is a more traditional sandy beach:

Add to that a visit to a real freakin' ORGANIC STRAWBERRY FARM, and the day was pretty well set, don't you think?

Care to see the third 24 hours of knitting?

I neglected to mention previously that I am not using the Cascade 220 that the instructions in call for--Uncommon Threads (sound alert!) didn't have those exact colors, but one of the shopkeepers whipped out this massive book of yarn samples and picked out for me the two same colors in Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Superwash. Hella expensive, though. Is knitting seriously this expensive, y'all? One of my secondary projects is now officially to figure out how to reclaim wool from ugly knitted sweaters.

Next time...Exploratorium! Boutiquey San Francisco craft store! Gay thrift shop!

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