Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Or Maybe One of These?

Today the other one has a fever, so it's another morning of PBS and the Magic for Kids DVD, uprooting my plans to leave the house for cake mix, ice cream, thrift-store pillowcases, and a photo grey printer cartridge. The Letter of the Day, however, is R, and the Number of the Day is 8.

I've fallen back in love with the other two options for my entry into the Color Class of the photo contest at the Monroe County Fair. Here's one option: It's from the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. I like that it's a self-portrait but since the mirrors are all wonky, my camera isn't pointed straight at myself, and I like the angle of the self-portrait. I also like the two images of Willow within the photo.
This one is Sydney just after she finished nursing. I like the dreamy quality, but it's also pretty grainy.

Which do you think is the best of the three?

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