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Girl Scout Cookie No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes, and 25 Other Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

We've come a long way from that inaugural Girl Scout cookie season just three years ago, and if I ever doubted what Girl Scouts gives my daughters, I could compare those unsure, shy kids three years ago to these savvy businesswomen who marketed, publicized, and sold their cookies, easily talked to thousands of strangers, used some pretty great--and quite effective!--sales techniques, and made change, worked the credit card reader, figured out percentages, created pie charts, and calculated ratios like the math wizards that they've learned how to be.

Cookies take over our lives for two full months, which is not surprising considering that 8,060 Girl Scout cookies passed through my house, with my girls selling 1,840 of those between the two of them, and we spent ALL of our free time (and much of our time that should have been devoted to other activities) organizing, chaperoning, and doing the counting and paperwork to make it possible for the troop's girls to meet their goals. We ate our fair share of cookies--so tempting, when there were 2,000+ at a time in my hallway--and the whole cookie season, I kept wanting to do a Girl Scout cookie baking project with the kids but...

There was just. No. Time!

I collected loads of super-cute recipes that I super wanted to make, but in the end, Syd and I only managed to create one easy, no-bake recipe during cookie season. Fortunately, it was adorable and delicious!

I made these up, but I'm giving them the official name of Girl Scout Cookie No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes:

All you do is take a Girl Scout cookie--we used Trefoils and Thin Mints, ice it with your favorite cream cheese frosting (ours is so brown because we used coconut sugar), spreading it on nice and thick, and then decorate it with raspberries and chocolate chips:

And candy googly eyes. I mean obviously.

And really, a cheesecake is just about the same, only you add an egg to the cream cheese frosting and bake it.

You can still decorate it like a flower if you want to!

These keep well for a couple of days in the refrigerator, although the Trefoils will get soft. The Thin Mints will stay nice and crisp, though.

Syd does have one more Girl Scout cookie baking assignment to complete; one of the requirements for the Cake Decorator IP that she's working on is to decorate a cake or cupcakes using Girl Scout cookies, so she will be baking and decorating a cake with Tagalongs and Thin Mints for our troop's post-cookie season celebration later this month, and I've already set aside the boxes for that. Other than that, though, I'm blissfully happy to see all zeroes on all of the Cookies Remaining lines in my database, and all those recipes that I collected?

I'm just going to put them right here and make them next year:

  1. Do-Si-Do icebox pie. Mac used to LOOOOVE peanut butter icebox pie. I wish I could make this for him.
  2. Girl Scout cookie cake bars. The author used Thin Mints and Tagalongs in these, but I think that any variety would taste equally delicious.
  3. Girl Scout cookie fudge. Will's favorite dessert is fudge, and I love any recipe that lets you use whatever you have on hand as a mix-in!
  4. Girl Scout cookie pizza. This would be a fun party food, with each kid getting to top part of the pizza and share their portion with everyone.
  5. Girl Scout cookie pops. These would be so cute at a bake sale, and a fun recipe to try with any variety.
  6. Girl Scout cookie-stuffed doughnuts. This isn't a recipe that I'd make, myself, but Syd is obsessed with doughnuts, and I know she'll be all about this one.
  7. Samoa brownies. Syd's favorite Girl Scout cookie is the Samoa, but otherwise, she doesn't much enjoy chocolate. I think we'd make these with blondies, instead.
  8. Samoa chess pie. Just in case the cookies, themselves, aren't rich enough for you!
  9. Samoa martini. This is what I'll be drinking allllll next cookie season!
  10. Samoa milkshake. Now that I know about dipping the rim of a glass into melted chocolate, I'm probably only going to drink from glasses with their rims dipped in melted chocolate.
  11. Seven-layer Samoa cookie bars. Here's another recipe to have on hand, in case just eating a Samoa isn't decadent enough for you.
  12. Savannah Smiles icebox pie. This is a recipe I'd put a box of Savannah Smiles into the freezer for, to take out when blueberries are in season!
  13. Savannah Smiles puppy chow. Savannah Smiles are the perfect addition to puppy chow, since they're already covered in powdered sugar.
  14. Tagalong cupcakes. I am SUPER into the idea of putting a whole cookie at the bottom of a cupcake.
  15. Tagalong-stuffed pudding cookies. Apparently, stuffing things with Tagalongs is the way to go!
  16. Tagalong-stuffed Oreos. I think I'd be even more into these than I would the Thin Mint-stuffed Oreos, below.
  17. Thin Mint and white chocolate popcorn. I think I'd also put some chocolate popcorn into the mix.
  18. Thin Mint bread. I have a recipe that I love for a vegan pumpkin chocolate bread, and you know what? Thin Mints are vegan, too! 
  19. Thin Mint cookie bars. There is a LOT going on in these cookie bars, to be frank, but trust me--it NEEDS to happen.
  20. Thin Mint milkshake. I think it would be fun to pull ANY box of Girl Scout cookies out of the freezer mid-summer and challenge yourself to make a milkshake to suit it!
  21. Thin Mint parfait. I'd go for the full-fat, full-sugar versions, because artificial sweetener tastes weird in my mouth.
  22. Thin Mint cupcakes. I like the idea of crushing the cookies very fine and incorporating them into the piped frosting; Syd thinks that the cupcakes should be minty, too, though.
  23. Thin Mint s'mores. These couldn't be easier, and you could substitute any of the chocolate Girl Scout cookies.
  24. Thin Mint-stuffed Oreos. This is insane, but in, like, a good way. If I was feeling really crazy, I'd only use the cream-attached sides of the Oreos to sandwich the Thin Mints, so that they'd be Thin Mint-Double-Stuffed Oreos.
  25. Trevoil s'mores. Now I also want to dip the actual Girl Scout S'mores cookies in chocolate, too!

Or, rather, I'll realize near the end of cookie season next year that my life has once again been overtaken with Girl Scout cookies and I'll maybe get to make one entire recipe...

But that one will be delicious!

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