Saturday, January 3, 2015

Just a Couple of Kids Fishing with Their Grandpa

I beg your indulgence for the truly ridiculous number of photographs that is to follow, but I imagine that you're aware, by now (perhaps based on the truly ridiculous number of photographs that I took last time) that the sight of these two kids, fishing with the man whom all three of us call "Pappa," the man who helped raise me, is my favorite thing about visiting home:
Pappa reviews casting with the kids while Will holds his cane.

Pappa gave the kids these fishing rods for Christmas. They were thrilled!

Will wanted to do all the fish handling herself, so Pappa taught her how.

Every adult is always tangibly relieved when the second kid has also caught a fish. Everything else is bonus!

This kid could happily do this all day, I think.
We have homework before our summer visit back to Arkansas, as Pappa instructed me to take these girls fishing here in Indiana (mental note: must research rules, regulations, and localities for this), but he also reminded me that when we do come back, I need to bring the rods--and the minnow bucket that he's letting me borrow--back with us.

And then we'll all go fishing together again!


Tina said...

That is so awesome! I wish we lived close enough for my kiddo to get some time like this with family. I'm pretty excited about our upcoming trip to NH. We will be staying with my Grampy, so Emma will get lots of time with him.

julie said...

That's going to be awesome! Are you going to plan some sightseeing adventures?

Tina said...

We will be flying out and my sister's oldest boy has a major dance competition that weekend, so my chauffeur service will be pretty limited. However... We are flying into Boston. Emma and I might have to head down early the day we leave so that we can check out the Boston Aquarium. She's never been to an aquarium (because we are awful parents) and I bet she would love it.

We have plans for a cross country trip in April/May (the hubby's work schedule will be such that it would be better for everyone if the kiddo, dog and I were not around). I think we will make plans to take four weeks to drive from MT to IA to NH and back hitting as many cool stops as possible. And you know, IN is on the way...

julie said...

Is it like a Dance Moms dance competition?

Actually, you probably don't know Dance Moms:
You're welcome.

Anyway, I totally want to spectate one of those Dance Moms competitions--they sound off the hook!

Tina said...

Um, no. And I hope that if I ever turn out to be like one of those moms that someone would shoot me.

And thank you indeed. For supplying me with reason number 597 that we do not have cable :0)


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