Friday, December 5, 2014

Our Puzzle Philosophy

We have one. It goes like this: we love big puzzles. Love them. We buy our puzzles from thrift stores or yard sales, because we only ever really want to do them once, unless they're really, REALLY excellent (I have a puzzle from the 80s that has on it every single Disney character up to that year. It's practically my favorite thing ever). And if you're only going to do a puzzle once, then you sure as hell don't want to pay full retail for it.

Of course, if you're only paying a couple of bucks for a puzzle, then you're also not going to get fussed if it's missing a few pieces. We worked on this puzzle for weeks, sure that it had several missing pieces:

It didn't!

If the puzzle does have missing pieces, then we recycle it when we've finished it. If it doesn't have missing pieces, then we tape it back really well, I put a sign on it that reads something like "No missing pieces!", and we donate it back to Goodwill.

A puzzle usually stays out for quite a while as we work on it off and on, and then gets finished over the course of one epic weekend as I get sick of it taking up our table space.

After the puzzle is packed away and gone, I'll feel happy when I walk by that empty table, thinking how nice and tidy it is without a messy puzzle all over it. After a while, though, I'll walk by that table and think to myself that I wish I had another puzzle to do. I'll start checking out the shelves whenever we're at Goodwill, searching for a decent puzzle. That's the point that I'm at right now. Somebody, somewhere in this town, is about to donate a perfectly good puzzle, perhaps one with dragons AND unicorns on it, perhaps even one that's Doctor Who-themed!

And when they do, I'll wander over to Goodwill, spy it on the shelf marked at $1.99--maybe it'll even be the half-off Color of the Week!--and I'll buy that baby and bring it home to my family in triumph. Puzzle Nights will begin again!!!


Tina said...

We love puzzles but got out of the habit of doing them while at our last place. Time to see if I can score a cheap folding table somewhere and start working on those puzzles that we have collecting dust in the back of a closet!

Do the girls ever ask to glue a puzzle and hang it up? We did that with Emma's first 1000 piece puzzle (it was or horses).

julie said...

Awww, I wish now that I'd bought something really cute for the kids first big puzzle and then did that!


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