Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Waldorf-Style Form Drawing: The Spiral

We don't use the Waldorf method of schooling, but this catalog of form drawing images is the perfect extension of the Drawing With Children curriculum. Will, particularly, doesn't have the patience to sit and craft the detailed drawings that the book asks for in its later lessons, but form drawing allows both kids to practice the shape families in different aspects, as well as to use them to create a piece with the details and creative embellishments that make it an artwork.

The kids worked on spirals en plein air on a recent mild day this autumn:

I laid out heavy paper, the Prismacolor markers, and the tube watercolor pigments that the kids refuse to actually add water to, on account of they like their colors super-saturated!

Will at first got frustrated that her paint was so saturated that it completely covered the drawn spiral--

--but in her best Drawing with Children style, she made the best of it!
Her caption reads, "Abstract Artform of the Paint Splash Variety." She went on to make more just like this one.
 It really was a lovely afternoon to paint and putter out on the driveway:

These all hang in our kitchen art gallery now, of course.

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