Friday, November 28, 2014

The 2015 Butterfly Garden

For her Girl Scouts Animal Habitats Junior badge, Will created plans for a butterfly garden:

We are both VERY novice gardeners, and 2015 will be the first year that we've had a real, sun-filled space on our own property to do so. I'm worried about getting too ambitious so that the whole thing looks like crap, and I'm also pretty sure that Will is trying to get us all stoned with her 18 square feet of poppies, but still, it's going to be very exciting to have a property of our own to play with.

Will also wants a koi pond. Syd wants a sunflower house. I may not have time to grow actual vegetables this coming year.


Tina said...

That's so exciting! I never start garden planning early enough.

We follow the square foot garden crowd. It makes things a little easier to figure out for a newbie and is a great way to let everyone have their own garden.

We need to research and figure out what types of butterflies we get here. I don't really remember seeing very many the last two summers.

julie said...

I was thinking square foot gardening, but the tool library that our food pantry runs has a power tiller! I'm going to HAVE to get my hands on that power tiller this spring...


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