Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Latest: Halloween and Wood Burning

One of the things that I'll definitely be doing next week with the kids in California (Weep! Wail!) is kicking the DIY into high gear. I've got several projects that I'd like to get created and written up--black walnut ink and dye, another bookshelf makeover, a portable set-up for a wall-mounted Hot Wheels track that is super getting on my nerves, a T-shirt quilt for a baby cousin, some new dyed play silks, etc.--and I'm enthusiastic about the idea that the more of my paid writing that I get scheduled then, the more time I'll have to spend with the babies when they get home, lightly tanned, arms full of souvenirs, flush with adventures.

I'll just keep telling myself that this time next week they'll be back home with me!


Tina said...

I find I make grand plans when the kiddo is gone, then I spend the entire time reading fiction novels.

I hope your girls have a blast and you have better luck getting stuff done!

julie said...

I was so busy that I think I wore myself out! Next time, I am definitely setting aside an entire day for nothing but novel reading.


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