Monday, July 7, 2014

Magnetism and Electricity Self-Directed School

There are some shelves, formerly of the general store, that I'm in the process of varnishing (right now I think I'm wearing as much varnish as the shelves are!) for the children's rooms. I intend these shelves to neatly store (how I'm going to go about that "neatly" part, I don't yet know...) all of the children's kits and projects and playthings; one of the things that I've noticed about my kids is that only when their things are neatly stored and regularly rearranged do they interest themselves in them.

Syd, for instance, has played with her wooden dollhouse (given to her at the age of two) more since we moved it to our new house and set it up in the living room than she has in her entire ownership of it prior to this. Will set up and completed a world map with stickers of the prehistoric animals that lived there. They've both asked me to play board games that they've rarely touched before. Syd got out this magnetism and electricity set that once fascinated Will, and was herself fascinated by it:

Gracie really likes where I put the table in this room.

Be warned: this kit is LOUD!

Here's the outfit that she's wearing here, by the way:
Momma-dyed playsilk tied into a tunic, with leggings as a belt
I'm glad to know that even this unexpected, lengthy holiday from my formal schooling is rather schooly when done by these intellectually curious, active, engaged kiddos. We may not have completed the paleontology or Laura Ingalls Wilder unit studies that I'd hoped we would, nor has Will made her comparative study of American and British government, but still there has been science, and engineering, and woodworking, and hiking, and lots and lots of reading, of course. 

Definitely not enough math, but I suppose the kids need me to be in charge of SOMETHING to earn my keep...


Tina said...

I like Syd's outfit. Good to know those play silks have many, many uses!

We usually have the same reaction when we rearrange the house. Things are rediscovered, or books are read (instead of put on the shelves) and we take twice as long to get things put where they belong.

But it's always fun to catch the kiddo reading a non-fiction book that she didn't even know was on her self, and really enjoying it.

julie said...

And was the non-fiction book about horses?

Tina said...

Amazingly enough, NO! Last time we rearranged, I caught her reading a really old book about human blood. I still haven't read it, but she said it was pretty neat.


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