Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Latest: Blue Jeans and Rosemary

Matt took the kids to a Girl Scout camp-out at the professional baseball field in Indianapolis this past weekend, so I had a full 24 hours to myself--the longest, I think, that I have EVER spent away from my girls!

It was wonderful. That first night, after they had left, I baked French fries for dinner, then read and watched Harry Potter movies until I fell asleep in the smack middle of the bed. I got up super-early the next morning, as I often do, and then realized that, gloriously, I did not have to tip-toe around the house for the next two hours! Up north in Indy, our other early riser, Will, discovered that getting up super-early at the baseball field meant that she was one of the few girls to get to have a doughnut before they ran out. Back here at home, I turned on the lights, made some coffee, and got right to work with the crafting and writing that I had to do; by the time the rest of the family got home that afternoon, I'd written three posts for my freelance gigs, completed two urgent craft projects, and packaged and mailed an etsy order--basically my entire weekend's work! And that's not even counting the cooking, cleaning, gardening, exercising, and shopping that I also got done.

But back to that writing--here it is:

Productivity like that *almost* makes me want to suggest that Matt take the kids out for the day more often, but I would really only want to do that if he promised to only take them places that I didn't want to go to, too, like to the middle of a baseball field to sleep, or to the Children's Museum for the thousandth time. Anywhere else, and you'd probably find me right there with them, elbowing the kids aside to get myself to the front of the line.

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