Friday, April 25, 2014

My Latest: Bookmarks and Societal Corruption

For the last couple of weeks, and for the next few, we are in the midst of a we-are, we-aren't, we-might-be mess of perhaps buying a house that frankly makes me wish that someone in charge would just sedate me until a final decision has been made (and ideally a decision that doesn't require me to pit four acres and a creek against a settling foundation and gappy roof joists), and it's this, along with the usual end-of-spring-semester craziness, that's calling me to craft lightly, and from my stash, and only for projects that would be useful in this house or the other one that we may or may not buy depending on whether or not we can get a couple of contractors to look at it before the closing date and, if so, how much they think repairing crawl space and roof might cost us.

So... bookmarks. Slipcover for the couch. Fabric storage bins. 


Tina said...

That is so exciting/frustrating/nerve-wrecking! Sometimes making adult decisions really suck. To throw my two cents in, it's easier (though still expensive) to fix a house than it is to increase your acreage and add a creek (which is totally awesome!).

julie said...

I know, right? And yet there's definitely a point at which we can't afford four acres and a creek plus a brand-new crawl space and roof. The biggest problem right now is finding a couple of contractors to give us independent estimates in time to figure out if we're going to proceed in time to do the closing on time.

Good news, though--all this stress is GREAT for my diet!

Tina said...

Stress makes my diet go to crap.

I hope that the contractors are able get you some estimates in time and that it works out the way you want!


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