Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Potter Badge Activity #1: At the IU Art Museum

Have I mentioned more than a million times yet how much we're all enjoying Girl Scouts? Since their activities are so cross-curricular, and really so embedded in academics, Girls Scouts has really been just a constant source of inspiration for our homeschool this year.

It was Syd's desire to earn her Potter badge that led us to the IU Art Museum on Friday morning, with 30 or so of our homeschooling friends and five docents, for an hour-long tour of the museum's collections. Our group was perfect--three second-grade girls, their parents, and one docent who showed the girls interesting pieces, asked open-ended questions, and took the time to listen to every single thing that every single girl had to say. Syd came away with a thoroughly pleasant impression of the museum, which was exactly what I'd wanted, so yay!

After the tour, my kiddos and I headed back to one particular gallery that had struck Syd's eye during the tour, so that she could complete the first activity for this badge: find a piece of pottery and sketch it:

Here's the piece that she chose:

And here's her sketch!

You can really tell the attention to detail that Syd poured into this sketch, and she's rightfully quite pleased with it.

Will, too, sketched--

--this guy--

--but she left her backpack and sketchbook in the car, I'm not going to go get it, and she, since she's currently running around the house with a friend and a sister, screaming "POW! POW! POW!", and insisting that she has "impervious titanium armor," certainly isn't going to go get it, either, so it will remain undocumented, I suppose.

Next up for the Potter badge are a few of the long-awaited pottery classes, and I'm equally grateful to this badge for being the impetus for me finally providing them for the kids. Here's to a house full of pinch pots, coil vases, and decorated tiles!


Tina said...

Love it! Great job Syd on the drawing.

I really need to start checking out the museums that we have around here. I do have next week off from school, so that might have to be my goal- to check out a few of the museums in town.

Thanks for sharing your field trip!

julie said...

A whole new set of museums to explore for the first time--lucky you!


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