Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Evil Zoo Tycoon

Will hasn't touched her computer this week, but last week she spent much of her time VERY into her very beloved, very retro copy of Zoo Tycoon. She's long been able to use her long list of cheat codes to make her Zoo Tycoon experience into exactly what she wants it to be (think giant sandbox with unlimited resources), but at some point she discovered the existence of user-created content, so I found a Zoo Tycoon Wiki, and that led me to sign up for a couple of the Zoo Tycoon forums that Will likes to lurk on, and those taught me how to find and download user-created content, so I in turn taught Will, and away she went!

These forums also teach you how to make user-created content yourself, and it would be very cool if Will got interested in doing that, but last week she was mostly interested in downloading and installing all of the most bizarre animals that she could find, and then apparently setting them free to wreak havoc:

One night in particular, Matt took the camera to both photograph Syd helping me watch my *very* interesting MIT OpenCourse lecture on the wave/particle duality of matter--

--and to document Will's most evil Zoo Tycoon machinations, resulting in much loss of life and the probable destruction of civilization as we know it:

I don't know if you can tell, but not only are the aforementioned dragons still there, but also a terrifying wolf/unicorn hybrid, several massive tarantulas, and some mutant bears, all running free out of the broken fences in their habitats. 

They've clearly already killed all the zoo visitors, and are preparing to jump the walls and destroy everyone in the city outside of the zoo, and NOW the National Organization of Zoos is concerned? About a PANDA?!? And their punishment is that Will can't add anymore monsters until it's happy?!?!

To be fair, though, the panda probably won't be happy until there are no more monsters running rampant in its zoo.


Tina said...

Well, if the Panda isn't happy, no ones happy!

Love the picture of you and Syd :0)

julie said...

Yeah, you can get rhinos anywhere, and lions breed like crazy, but pandas? You've got to super suck up to China to get one of those. It's not worth having to explain to them that you let some giant tarantulas and a wolf/unicorn hybrid eat it.


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