Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Keeps the Dragons out

Syd spent most of the other day building and playing with her Kapla blocks and a few of her small plastic animals:

I know that for us, it's partly because our house is so small, but does it ever seem as if your children always choose to build their large, all-day-play creations smack in the middle of the main thoroughfare of the house?

Anyway, I spent most of that day walking around and stepping over this giant thing as Syd played, and it wasn't until she'd gone to bed that night (after negotiating its survival for at least another day) that I really stopped and noticed it:

So there's a corral of horses, with a couple of stables inside, and it looks as if the kids have hot glued some stash Scrabble letters to one of the Kapla blocks over the corral's gate to give the corral a name: Crosswood. One of Will's dragons is parked just outside the gate, trying to get in--

--but all of the horses are safe in their enclosures, with LEGO people to guard them.

Here's how we hand-dyed some of those Kapla blocks. I think that I should dye more sometime, and I think that I should keep an eye on the sales to beef up our Kapla collection.

Maybe the horses would like to have TWO corrals to choose from, you know.


Tina said...

That looks like fun! I love the fence, and that the dragon couldn't get in :0)

Even when we are at someone's (much larger) house, both Emma and I tend to park ourselves right in the middle of a walkway. The hubby laughs when I ask if we are in the way, then reminds us, we are always in the way.

julie said...

When I was little, I liked little tucked-in corners where I could stay hidden. I'd read under the bed, or behind the couch. I like seeing kids not afraid to take up the whole room!


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