Thursday, December 12, 2013

California Field Trip #5: California State Capitol Building

Well, we're driving right through Sacramento, so we might as well stop and see the capitol building!
Of COURSE there's a redwood growing on the capitol grounds!

Such a balmy capitol building--the Indy one is covered in a foot of snow right now!
Sure, it was just a short field trip--more of a detour, really--but now the kids have a memory to go with their answer to "What is the capital of California?"

P.S. Here's an interactive kids' web site for the capitol building, to add even more context.


Tina said...

I love the Grinch shirt!

We really need to make more of these detours when we travel. Trouble is, we start an audio book and no one wants to stop and get out of the car because of it!

julie said...

This is the first time we've detoured specifically to see a capitol building, and I was worried that it would be kind of lame and we'd just drive by and say, "Look, there it is!" But it was actually surprisingly cool, and we walked around, went inside, got a couple of activity books, walked down a couple of blocks and ate pizza at some place that had live music, and had a myriad of adventures! We'll definitely be doing that again.


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