Monday, January 21, 2013

Today, I was So Proud

four years ago


I am happy, happy, happy today. I've even found myself thinking, 20-year atheist that I am, "Thank you, Jesus!" That's what a childhood in the South leaves with you when good things happen, atheist or not.

Off and on today, between board games and a lunchtime outing for pizza and a few rounds of Kinect Star Wars (I am really good at the Galactic Dance-off!), I watched the inaugural festivities streaming live on my computer. Through speeches and songs and parades, I noticed something really funny about myself: much of the time, I was watching not the festivities taking place, but President Obama watching the festivities. I was enjoying watching the look on his face as he experienced his inauguration, exactly the same way that I enjoy watching the looks on my children's faces as they experience events that are really special to them. Silly, right? But he's the first president in my memory that I genuinely, truly, absolutely like (well, I liked Clinton, but then he couldn't keep it in his pants). Is this how my Mammaw felt about Kennedy? 

Today, I was so proud. May I feel the same way about the world tomorrow.


Discovering Montessori said...

I felt the same way! I as so happy to feel that others feel the love:)

Thank you for sharing.

julie said...

I know some people weren't happy (my father-in-law, about 48 Southern aunts and uncles and cousins...), but they can be happy some other time. It just felt so good to celebrate!


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