Sunday, January 6, 2013

Story of the World Chapter Two Timeline Review

Our Story of the World Study looks mostly like this:
  1. Week One: Listen to our current chapter on audiobook. Answer the quiz questions and review all prior quiz questions. Add the current quiz questions to the girls' list of material to practice daily that week.
  2. Week Two: Listen again to our current chapter on audiobook. Complete the map work from the Story of the World Activity Book. Compare the completed map to our other geography references--Google Earth, our Montessori puzzle maps, our family atlas, etc.
  3. Week Three: Read a picture book or watch a documentary related to our current study. Add new timeline cards to our materials, and glue them to our big basement timeline. Order all the timeline cards covered so far, and add ordering the timeline cards to the girls' list of material to practice daily that week.
  4. Weeks Four and Beyond: Read more picture books, watch more documentaries, and complete other unit-based hands-on studies and related memory work until at least one of the kids feels ready to move on.
I always think it's exciting to add new material to our big basement timeline: 

It's still not a project that the girls ever show a lot of interest in outside of the school-time study that we do with it (although they do always perk up when I suggest putting something that they're otherwise interested in, some book or myth, on the timeline), but it makes me, personally, very happy to have it, and I think that one of these days they'll grow into it and get excited about it and take ownership of it.

Since we come back to Egypt again in Chapter 4, for Chapter 2 we'll be doing projects that deal specifically with the geography and mythology of Ancient Egypt. For books, I've checked out every single story about Egyptian gods and goddesses from our public library (yes, I AM that obnoxious!), and my hope is to have the girls record some sort of family tree/genealogy for each figure, as well as a summary of some of their stories. I'm not yet sure how this will work--a homemade book with a page for each figure and brief summaries, as well as video recordings of the girls re-telling their stories, perhaps?

Other projects that are in the running, as long as interest holds out:
Okay, that's a crazy amount of projects, but it's okay, because we only have to do the fun ones.

And two chapters later, we can start mummifying things!


Tina said...

I so badly want to buy the entire SOTW collection in MP3 format! Sigh. It might have to wait a bit though.

We have plans to create a non-permanent time-line in our apartment this week using painters tape and post-it notes. Pretty excited!

julie said...

Does your library have the audiobooks? I ripped all the audiobooks from our library copies years ago, and we have gotten just hundreds of hours of use from them already. I had to check out a couple of copies of some of the sets, because of scratches, and I renamed every single chapter with a numerical code, so that they'll always organize themselves in perfect order throughout the entire series.

Yeah, it was a *little* obsessive.

Tina said...

The library where we just moved from had them, but not here. It might be something that I ask Gramma to get for the kiddo, as Gramma loves to buy stuff (mostly clothes that Emma doesn't wear).

Besides, being a retired teacher, I figure it will be something she is willing to purchase.


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