Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Late Afternoon at Ocean Beach

When we're on the coast, any coast, we HAVE to go to the beach. I don't care if it's foggy, I don't care if it's windy, I don't care if it's almost dark, I don't care if the section of beach just north of us has been closed off because of a massive sewage spill--we HAVE to go there.

I know it doesn't make total sense; I grew up in Arkansas, so I should be finding my greatest pleasure on the river, or in the mountains, or driving out to the countryside, and I do enjoy those places, but not as much as I love the beach.

So on our last day in California, after a long afternoon at the Children's Creativity Museum and the perfect playground on the rooftop of Yerba Buena, Matt's parents drove us across the city and straight into the fog so that we could visit Ocean Beach:

The kids had their usual fabulous time, running around like maniacs, soaking themselves in freezing water, grubbing like the wild little critters that they are, as seemingly happy playing to the tune fog horns in this low visibility as they were two months ago in the bright sunlight and the pleasant water of Florida:

And the next day, we flew home!

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