Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Latest over at CAGW: Sailor's Valentines and Some Good Competition

a write-up of an upcoming nationwide eco-art competition

Seriously, you'll be shocked at what a kid-friendly craft this is. Syd's sailor's valentine is on the left--doesn't it look amazing?!?

In other news, how fun was election night? I was beside myself with tension over the presidential race, and Matt and I dealt with the stress by self-medicating with champagne and oreos. In the end, some people whom I was rooting for won and some lost, which is probably just the way it should be. Today, I'm streaming re-runs of all the acceptance and concession speeches that I was too sleepy (and drunk) to watch last night--some of them REALLY need my full attention in order to be most appreciated!

I was very uncomfortable voting for Ritz for state school superintendent, but I did, simply because I did strongly feel that Bennett was doing a terrible disservice to my children's friends who attend local public schools. I finally convinced myself that she was simply speaking off the cuff when she made those ignorant remarks about homeschooling, and that, when she educates herself about the regulations that do exist, she'll change her negative views. To that end, after our road trip to North Carolina, Virginia and D.C. and our Thanksgiving trip to California, I plan to devote some time to writing Ritz, and having my girls do so, as well. 

I wonder how many letters Ritz has received that have been written on pirate-themed stationery? 

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