Saturday, October 13, 2012

Family Art: Chalk Pastels

Because Matt is an artist, the girls and I are exposed to a wider variety of professional-quality art materials than we otherwise might have been, and it's easy to get spoiled by Strathmore art papers and Prismacolor markers, oil pastels and Micron pens.

These chalk pastels are another set of art supplies that ostensibly belong to Matt, but that in reality get played with much more often by us while poor Matt is at work and we're at home playing. Of course, on weeknights and weekends, we ARE willing to share!

Sydney was very happily working on her own landscape, but when she spied the dragon that Matt was creating, she convinced him to trade pictures with her:

Willow worked on a scene from Robin Hood, and I goofed around for a bit then handed my picture off to Syd, too, for various improvements on my theme.

We've lately been using these chalk pastels on all our chalkboard painted interior doors, too, giving those long neglected doors something of a renaissance--I love when that happens!

This weekend I need to dig out a couple of other long-neglected and ready-for-a-renaissance playthings, I believe--the kiddos are going to be thrilled to rediscover our chalkboard building blocks and chalkboard globe!

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