Saturday, September 22, 2012

On Sanibel Island

It's something pretty well-known about me that I keep trying to go to the beach. In a couple of months, for instance, I'm taking the girls on a road trip to visit some friends of ours. We'll drive almost nine hours to visit them, stay for a couple of days, and then... well, it's only another seven hours from there to the beach, so why not?

A beach stay after our time at Disney World was, therefore, crucial to my planning, and I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Remember this little island that the girls and I visited last year? How much better it was to actually STAY there for a few days! Once again, since it was the off-season, we rented a nice condo right on the beach for a very reasonable rate, stocked up on groceries, kicked off our shoes, and stayed for a while!

Disney was exactly right for a vacation for us, but this lounging, swimming, napping, watching movies, digging in the sand... it turns out that this was exactly right, too!

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Teresa Robeson said...

Sanibel is one of our absolute favorite places on earth! And renting a place right on the beach is absolute heaven. Gorgeous photos...brings back good memories. :)


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