Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pioneer Study: Morse Code

Remember how fascinated Willow was by Morse code at Conner Prairie?

Well, we went back home and learned it.

Not all of it, but enough of it for the child to at least be able to call for help--

--and to tell a telegraph pen pal her name (sort of):

Will wasn't interested enough in the topic, in the end, to memorize the entire alphabet, or make her own telegraph, or study electricity, or follow any of the other billion or so leads that a child who continued to be inspired by Morse code could follow, but she and her sister and I did enjoy the following resources in our little study:

  • many, many youtube videos (for some reason, I really like this old-school Army video)
  • this Morse code translator--this is a favorite, because I think that Willow's fascination with Morse code is mainly because she loves listening to it
  • many, many books, including:

Of course, reading the code books got Willow interested in the Rosetta Stone...

...but that's another story!

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