Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One Night on Top, the Next Night on Bottom

The girls couldn't decide who would sleep where in their new bunk beds, so they switch.

Every. Single. Night.

One night a kid gets the top bunk, with the ladder and the tent top:

You can tell that's Willow, even though she's sleeping under Sydney's I Spy quilt, because she has the crank flashlight so that she can read in bed.

The next night that kid gets the bottom bunk, with the kittycat strung lights and the quilt tent walls:

You can tell that's Sydney, even though she's sleeping under the antique quilt that's supposed to be on MY bed, because she has a portable CD player and headphones so that she can listen to audiobooks in bed.

I'd like to add a curtain to the bottom bunk, and soft wall pockets to both the top and bottom bunks, but nothing, of course, that's personalized to an individual child, since they switch.

Every. Single. Night!


Tina said...

Funny! We build a loft bed for Emma last year, but she hated sleeping up on the top (which is fine because I came in one night to see her leg thrown over railing). We turned the loft into a library and put her mattress on the floor underneath.

Does Sydney actually fall asleep listening to audio books? I found that Emma just stayed awake so she could listen to them...

julie said...

We had a loft bed that the girls shared, but we actually owned it for less than a year because it was a total disaster. The girls didn't hate sleeping up there, but it was so high, especially compared to our low-ish ceilings, that it was like crawling into a tunnel up there, and it was a giant ordeal to change the sheets. These kid-sized bunks, also from IKEA, are perfect.

Syd will absolutely fall asleep to audio books, but she has the headphones because Willow can't. It wasn't so much that she was too interested to sleep, but that she just couldn't fall asleep with them on--can you blame her? Now, how they both manage to sleep all night with those bright nightlights and flashlights in their faces, I have no idea.


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