Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet Raven

We just love this little guy:

Our foster kittens almost always come to us with something to work on. Poor White Mittens, of course, was ill when she arrived with Raven, but this fat little boy here wasn't ill and doesn't have far to go to reach his weight goal, so what on earth could he need to work on?

Why, constantly meowing his head off, that's what! The first several days that he was with us Raven meowed just all the time. Was he scared? Lonely? Didn't understand how to communicate with us big, hairless cats? Who knows! It was annoying, you betcha. But of course we didn't punish him for meowing, just lived with him, played with him, petted him, gave him lots of lovies, and look at the photo that I was able to take just recently:

Ahhhh...contented kitten with his mouth shut. Who would have thought that would become such a major goal?

Our handsome little boy will be headed back to the Humane Society on Thursday, all meowed out and ready for the adoption floor, and just think--his forever family will never know that their new kitten used to be such a loudmouth.


cake said...

forgive me, but i am not sure i believe that your foster kitten is no longer a loud mouth! but if it is true, kudos to you! what about his coffee habit? will that be included in his profile?
congrats on reaching weight. seems we are still a week or two away with our litter.

julie said...

He wasn't loud like a Siamese is loud, in that they seem like they're always trying to talk to you, you know? At first I thought that maybe he was some nightmare hybrid of Siamese and something else that just wouldn't shut up, but I really think that all he needed was some attention, because when we shut him in the bathroom (which we had to do for mealtimes and coffee breaks), he screamed his fool head off.

And nope, I NEVER tell the Humane Society about our kittens' bad habits, not even with the kitten that the children actually named Bitey, or the one that I wouldn't permit them to name Notsie, because he was so naughty, you know. Raven's family is likely discovering this morning that their morning coffee routine has just changed forever.


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