Monday, May 28, 2012

Homeschool Field Trip: May's Greenhouse

We've self-toured around the research greenhouse at our local university numerous times (mental note: must set up an official homeschool trip!), but a field trip to a local commercial greenhouse, with a behind-the-scenes tour, lots of good home gardening advice, and a dozen or so enthralled children who could NOT be moved past the koi pond, was the perfect adventure for a warm Spring afternoon.

a machine that fills the pots with soil

a large room, warm and bright, where seeds are sprouted

the pond from which the children could NOT be moved--said the tour leader, "This happens every time"

flowers, flowers, and FLOWERS!!!

and, of course, souvenirs--flowers for one

and a new favorite little lovey for another

And then we went back home to garden, newly inspired!

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