Saturday, November 20, 2010

Travel Photojournal: Meteor Crater

On the way to the Petrified Forest, we stopped at Meteor Crater:
Willow said that the crater wasn't as big as she'd thought it would be. I know that it's not much compared to the Grand Canyon, sure, but goodness! How much bigger do you need a mile-wide meteor crater to be, silly girl?

Next, we drive on to the Petrified Forest.


Anonymous said...

Oh but what damage even a small meteorite can do! We didn't get to stop there when we went by the Petrified Forest so I'm glad you posted photos. :)

julie said...

Meteor Crater is super-cool, but probably not worth the admission price, which is HEFTY. I'm pretty sure we didn't do $25 worth of gazing...

cake said...

oh that sydney, always the fashion plate!

i've never seen the grand canyon, OR the meteor crator, or the petrified forest, for that matter.

YAY epic road trip!

julie said...

Those cowboy boots were the ONLY pair of shoes that she brought for the entire trip.


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