Friday, November 12, 2010

Travel Photojournal: Bean Hollow State Beach

The girls and I are on our wild and unruly adventure!

We make our pilgrimage to Bean Hollow State Beach, otherwise known as Pebble Beach, every time we visit the San Jose area. But we've never before been in November:
 It's still pretty great.

Next up, we're driving to the Grand Canyon!


Maureen said...

I absolutely love these photos! I'm not sure what all effects you achieved to make them look so cool. I see some blurring in some of them. Then in the last, which is my favorite, you did some neat stuff with perspective, not to mention the color palette (neither of which I could probably achieve, though I might try experimenting with trying to emulate your techniques). Thanks for sharing!

julie said...

Awww, thanks! I use Photoshop Lightroom for the color palette effects, and I use a Lensbaby selective focus lens for the blur. Both things are a little gimmicky, but my regular lens is half-broken, so I've been playing around a lot more with different methods of getting my photos.


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