Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Screen Time

It was a GORGEOUS morning:
The sky was full of clouds, and the clouds raced across the sky, so that all you could do was stand with your head craned backwards and watch them:
 We took many photographs:
And then we ran around, chased all the rest of the leaves that were going to fall off the tree right that minute, and watched the amazing sky some more.

Then the tornado sirens began to wail, so we scurried inside and spent the rest of the morning watching Land Before Time in the basement.

This was also fun, it turned out.


karen said...

gosh I hope the weather didnt get too wild! Sounds like fun having a cozy movie time in the basement

julie said...

I'm not as used to basement movie-time in the fall, but in the spring, we have an air mattress and the portable DVD player permanently stationed in the basement, where we've had MANY happy movie times.


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