Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Monkey Bars on our To-Do List

It's long been a goal to put some hard-core playground equipment down in the basement playroom, so the girls and I were all three pretty excited to see these hard-core mini monkeybars at the Arkansas Museum of Discovery in Little Rock:
Definitely buildable.


Phyllis said...

Those look like pretty short Monkey Bars but...please be careful. My son broke his arm very badly on monkey bars last summer and since then I have heard from many moms who have had the same experience. (I am not a safety nut either...my kids don't wear helmets to ride bikes, for example)-Phyllis

julie said...

The play item that I have nightmares about is the trampoline. I know tons of happy families who jump on their big trampolines all the time, but every time I see one, I am certain that an arm-breaking is imminent!

chihuahuasrock3 said...

Yes, monkey bars. I can always tell that school has started back because of all the ER visits with kids falling off monkey bars and breaking arms.

Elisa Armstrong said...

These look awesome!! Did you ever build them?

julie said...

I did not ever end up making these! I was, in the end, convinced that with those wooden beams at the bottom, they were pretty much a couple of pediatric concussions waiting to happen.

Now that I've got a huge collection of gym mats, though, my current dangerous project wish list has a DIY aerial silks rig for the basement playroom at the top of it.

Elisa Armstrong said...

Haha, sounds dangerous alright! Thanks for getting back to me. =)


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