Sunday, May 10, 2009

That's My Daughter, In the Water

Dedicated to all mothers, of course, but most particularly to the mothers of little girls:

My Mother's Day celebration? Breakfast at the playground this morning, followed by heavy yardwork, continuing momentarily into painting on the back porch, and finished off tonight by a trip to the drive-in.

Perhaps we'll listen to Loudon Wainwright on the way there...


Abby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abby said...

sorry abou that. here's what i intended to post.

love the song. have you heard the song "rufus is a tit man" by loudon wainwright? it's pretty great. however, rufus does not now appear to be a tit man. :)

happy mother's day!

julie said...

I was just talking about that song to Matt earlier!

I LOOOOOVE Rufus Wainwright. And yeah, since I have his two-album collection of "Rufus Wainwright Does Judy Garland"...

Nope, not so much into the titties now.


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