Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sharks are Made of Delicious Sabotage

Considering my goal to lose at least SOME of the baby-weight that I put on approximately three years ago, you might be surprised to learn that Matt brought home this book from the library the other day:
Of course, if you have a Matt of your own at home, perhaps you won't be surprised.

So the girls and I spent days and days poring over all the sugary confections contained within, until they finally made their choice: sharks.

The shark cupcakes require cupcake mix, chocolate chips, Nilla wafers, frosting, and TWINKIES! Dear god, Twinkies. I have eaten Twinkies this week. And they're not even that good, but they're so, so, so insanely sweet that after you eat one you're all, "I feel kind of sick, and yet somehow I could totally go for another Twinkie."

Fortunately I have some commissioned sewing to do this weekend, so after many strict instructions for Matt to not YELL at the girls while baking with them, I left them to it. Here's the basic shark infrastructure--cupcake, Twinkie, and Nilla wafer:
Here they are staring in a disgruntled fashion at the shark cupcake in the book because they don't know why Matt can't use my fancy food coloring correctly and made them tan instead of grey--so much for this being a homeschooling moment about sharks:And the final product--From what unholy marriage consummated in the uncharted depths of the sea did these abominations creep forth?Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder:

And they do seem to taste just fine, so I suppose it was a successful venture after all:
Matt likely does not have a future career in catering to look forward to, but at least he has an appreciative audience at home:


cake said...

and, this one made me laugh.

kirsten said...

this made me laugh, too. glad they tasted good!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Awesome!!

Those cupcakes pretty much look like ANYTHING I try to make in our kitchen. It's embarrassing that your children probably know more about baking and cooking than I do ;-)

Abby said...

twinkies + freezer = delicious
try it.

julie said...

I made Matt take the Twinkies and the Nilla wafers to work with him on Monday morning. I kept eating the canned frosting and the cupcakes until I had him stuff them down at the bottom of the chest freezer on Monday night. Today I actuall handed my little girls the rest of the bag of mini chocolate chips and said to them, "Finish this," because I kept getting spoonfuls of peanut butter and dipping it into the bag of chocolate chips.

I cannot handle myself.

Anonymous said...

OMG...those cupcakes are awesome...made me laugh. Now that's creative freedom!


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