Thursday, February 26, 2009

Treasure! Recycled Treasure!

My blog-friend cake and I, needing to exchange goods and services and being those kinds of blog-friends who actually sort of live only a block away from each other, arranged a couple of dead-drops at the local park this week.

I thought it would be super-fun but, I admit, that once I duct-taped (I over-use duct tape. I mean, I really over-use duct tape) a secret stash of one-inch pinbacks to the underside of a ladder leading up to a twisty tunnel slide, glared suspiciously at the lone basketball player forty or so yards away, and then LEFT that package to its fate, it actually became really sucky because I couldn't stop fretting. On the way out to the car to teach later I looked down the block and saw some kids ON that slide, and I had to stop myself from running over to double-check my treasure's safety. I kept saying to myself, "Your students will leave if you are late. If you are two minutes late they'll all leave," over and over to myself.

Of course later, after cake had received her package and she and Cosmo had left me a secret message on my light pole that told me that I had a package of my OWN to retrieve, well that was awesome fun.

I mean, look! A mysterious arrow pointing the way!We actually get to look in the hidden nooks inside a wall. We actually get to look there for treasure!And the treasure? Is encased inside something that I totally WANTED! A couple of issues of Family Fun magazine ago (Yes, I get Family Fun--what of it? It's awesome!) there was this tutorial for making a little orange juice carton wallet, and the coolest thing was that the lid was held on by the screw cap of the carton. What you see that coin wallet:Do you think the kids liked their treasure hunt?
Yep. Awesome fun.


cake said...

you think you were fretting???!! i only just now breathed a sigh of relief. in the pouring rain this morning, i was sure that it was either stolen, or soaked. that arrow was just too obvious.

cosmo and i went down there this afternoon to see if it was still there. the arrow was, but the package was gone! what could this mean???

glad you guys had fun. we did too. cosmo wanted it to be a treasure of his own though, not mine. he picked out the pin he wanted, right away, but still, he knew it was my package. so, i told him we'd have to do it again sometime. kid to kid. it was really a lot of fun.
thanks for playin'.

cake said...

BTW, yours was very well concealed, and, out of reach of kids. we looked for a while before we found it, on all the slides.

melanie said...

Wow! That's sounds like so much fun! What a neat idea! :)

julie said...

We should totally do it again--maybe organize a little neighborhood treasure hunt, with teensy little prizes!

Anonymous said...
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