Thursday, February 12, 2009

Her Sister was Never This Rotten

After I set the girls up with lunch yesterday morning, I snuck off into the study for a few minutes to see if I could get another paper graded--we're deep in the midst of Project #1 in my Freshman Comp classes, and grading 44 papers containing an uninsightful application of Seger's hero myth formula to Spiderman makes me want to strangle myself every single semester.

So I grade a paper (70%--sigh), come back to see if anyone wants seconds, and find this:

Peanut butter is really hard to scrape off of the wall. Being a mom, this gets to be one of the things that I now know.

P.S. Check me out on whip up! It's one of my super-favorite blogs, and it's featuring my post from Crafting a Green World about making Valentines from comic books.


Abby said...

she was making art!
so funny - probably not at the time, but def something you'll remember.

Anonymous said...

This is why we've yet to paint any of the white walls in our house. ;-)

cake said...

if it's any consolation, that is a great photo!

julie said...

Yeah, at least I have the photo.

My favorite part of the photo is the look on Sydney's face, because of course I was chewing her out at the same time that I snapped it--you know, peanut butter does not go on the wall, peanut butter goes on bread, that kind of stuff.

One good thing about taking my kids' photos all the freakin' time is that at least they don't associate it with having done something cute or good. It's just, "There's Momma, there's the camera."


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