Sunday, February 22, 2009

Felt Rocks RAWK!

I think she likes the felted rocks and the little felt beads we've been making:

I used this hand-dyed wool roving that I bought from The Arts at Eagle's Find (which I highly recommend, by the way). You might remember that I bought some Dyeabolical Yarns wool roving at Strange Folk just for felting stuff, but I am an ignorant novice and that roving?


I'm thinking, though, that the superwash roving would make a really cute grassy nest for some really cute felted wool Spring eggs (like pagan Easter, which is really a modification of a pagan spring festival anyway, so...)!

If you're more into the recycled kind of felted wool, check out my tutorial for felting wool sweaters and my list of projects that utilize felted wool over at Crafting a Green World.

So anyway, I loooooove the felted rocks, on account of they feel so good and hefty and comfy and soft, but you know me and my recycled projects. So tonight, I stole a small rubber ducky out of the girls' stash of bath toys, and tomorrow I'm a-gonna felt it!

Wish me luck. And discretion.


kirsten said...

oh, i've been wanting to do this with the kids! one of these days...

cake said...

felted wool is a beautiful thing, no matter what it's wrapped around.

do you guys have a quick/easy way of making those small felted balls? i have a project that i have been working on for, oh, say two or 3 years now, for a friend. it involves a ton of felted balls, and i am only about half way there.

and, btw, i am not such a novice re:felt, but i didn't know what superwash was either.

Teresa R said...

I only know superwash in terms of wool for knitting: can throw my knitted socks in the washer...yeah!

Would love to try felting one day. The colors of the wool at Eagle's Find are fabulous!

julie said...

I'm pretty collaborative and all, and I read in SouleMama's book about how she makes felt balls with her kids, but I actually found making the felt balls nearly impossible even with Willow. Willow just sort of barely got a sort-of ball together, and I had to trick her by being all, "May I have a turn?" and felting it really quick before giving it back. So she didn't really enjoy it.

I would LOVE to know more about this mysterious felt balls project, because already? Felt balls? Awesome! To make mine, I just grabbed a little wad, pinched it together in the soapy water until the wool was saturated, then rolled it around really quick between my hands in the water until it was a ball--it seemed pretty quick and easy to me, but I did only make, like, three.


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