Saturday, January 31, 2009

Barbie Gone Wild

We all know that Ken ran into some seriously hard times, emotionally, after the break-up of their too-brief love affair, but Barbie?

Barbie seems to be doing alright.

P.S. My Old Crow Medicine Show concert at the Vogue is tonight! I mentioned to the girls yesterday (while having another marathon button-making session; y'all know how I feel about making buttons with the girls) that Miss Molly and I would be going out on an adventure tonight, and based on all the "Oooh, where are we going?" rhetoric that followed, getting out the door tonight might be...interesting.

But I later realized something that I'd never realized before, on account of I'm never actually on the door end of the getting out part: once I actually get out the door, I bet I won't be able to hear them scream anymore! Not, at least, over the hot rocking of Ketch on the fiddle.


Abby said...

Have FUN!!! I'm totally jealous.........someday I will see live music again. Maybe when I don't have a baby attached to my breast 24/7. Or maybe, I just take baby on breast?

julie said...

I have just been able, this year, to recommit to live music, which is something I've always loved.

Matt and I could do it when we had just one baby--we took Will as an infant to Les Mis, and the Pixies, Liz Phair, Green Day, etc. at Lollapalooza, but once we had two kids, and one of them was a toddler, and then the other was a toddler, there was just no way.

I just now feel like Will is a good age to start going to musical theater with me--we did the Nutcracker together, and she was as good as gold, and Syd is probably almost at a good age to hang at an all-ages venue without having a tantrum, but the concept of one parent going out without the other one, let alone to an awesome concert, is something that is really new to us.

Parenting just works better as a team sport, you know, so neither of us like to leave one parent home alone when we don't have to at a time when parenting is still mostly made up of a series of chores, and neither of us really enjoy going out without our family, anyway, and we don't hold with babysitters, so tonight is a pretty big deal.

But for Old Crow Medicine Show? Well, for them, we're willing to make a few sacrifices. Especially because in a couple of months, it'll be Matt's turn to go see Flight of the Conchords.


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