Sunday, September 7, 2008

Playroom in Progress

With the advent of the Matt-built rickety shelves and the 40%-off sale on felt-by-the-yard at Joann's this week, the playroom is back in progress. Some inspiration from flickr: 1. house inside house, 2. Dude, I don't think were in Tatooine anymore, 3. Playroom - to your right, 4. playroom, 5. Playroom (image2), 6. orange kids tv room, 7. Playroom with secret door, 8. Playroom, 9. Playroom Bunting, 10. Playroom, 11. Workspace5, 12. Playroom - to your left, 13. Playroom Wall 1, 14. Playroom Bookshelf, 15. children's playroom, 16. nu craft shelf, 17. New craft studio - WIP, 18. craft room 9.07, 19. indie vintage craft room, 20. Flea Market, Thrifted, Recycled...

Now all we have to do is un-rickety the shelves, finish the flooring, make and put up a big felt board, fix the hole I accidentally knocked into the drywall, install a big hinged fold-up-against-the-wall art table, figure out if I want to put up a reading loft or a cargo net for climbing or a tire swing, buy a futon for a guest bed, hang up artwork, and make curtains and a windowseat. See, piece of cake.


Abby said...

Ah-Ha! Got ya!

I found your blog, when searching 'Barefoot'. I LOVE it. You are so creative and I love seeing what you and the girls getting into.

I have a blog too, but it's nowhere near as interesting as yours. Your blog makes me look like an obsessive compulsive boring neat freak. I'll send you an invite anyway, but you have to promise not to pick out all of my bad grammar. :)

julie said...

Ooops--I was just about to send you a funny comment about your in-laws "baring" gifts to your birthday party!

Your awesome blog makes me look like a crazy slob. I love looking at all your photos in which you don't have to edit out the half-eaten food on the floor or the piles of fabric scraps. And your kids are hella cute, too.

Kimberly said...

I'm so jealous of those playrooms. I just know that 99.999999% of the time the playrooms depicted in those photos aren't that organized. It would be nice to see ACTUAL playrooms in use. With books, crafts, etc strewn about the room in full use. I mean, sheesh, my kid's only 8 months old and his room looks like it's in perpetual disaster. I blame me mostly; I'm the slob of the family!

julie said...

I know--it's like it's not fair that I ask my husband to pick up any clutter, because seriously, nothing is his. He has video games and clothes, and he eats maybe one meal a day at home. All the toys and craft items and dirty plates and books and papers and junk? Me and my kids.


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