Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Heart

One of my favorite things about etsy is the ability to heart, or mark as a favorite, certain items or even entire stores. I admit that I feel validated when people heart me, not only because it lets me know that my shop is being seen and that something might prove to be popular even if it hasn't sold well yet, but also because, well, I like being hearted. I like even better, though, to mark and keep the items I love--I rarely have the disposable income to actually buy any of my favorites, but I like to have them at the ready to moon over. Here's what I heart lately:

The Atlantis Found Pendant no. 37 takes the simple concept of a broken china pendant to a whole new level with beading and wrapped wire. I like how the shape of the wire matches the pattern in the china fragment:

The Discarded Books Make Great Jewelry resin necklace has my favorite animal in an unexpected color, works from the recycling ethic, and is contained in a really simple and elegant form, I think:

The Little Prince is also a piece of recycled art. The character is from my favorite and most awesome video game ever, . Seriously, that game is the most fun that anyone could ever have at any one time. Or, the most fun that type A completionists with a hoarding compulsion could ever have.

It's generous of the Custom Order Hoodies people to offer custom ordering, but I can't imagine that I would be alone out of all the other people to say, "I totally want one of these. Um, can you make mine look exactly like the one in your picture?"

I have the feeling that I talk about this Birth pendant all the time, but I find it so moving. A realistic depiction of a gently assisted natural birth is what I see in it. Of course it was one of a kind, and of course it was sold, and if I'm ever lucky enough to see the neck that it's on right now, I will snatch it off that neck and run away really fast.

What do you heart?

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