Friday, June 20, 2008

Wist This!

Have I mentioned that I loooove my wist? Part of it is that scrolling awesomeness on the right side of my page, and if you click on it, it will take you to my big wist. Here it is. Some highlights:

This is Rusty T-Rex the Toddler Tee. It's screenprinted, a skill that, duh, I would love to learn. I can't believe this shirt doesn't come in adult sizes!

I sometimes make Scrabble tile necklaces for craft fairs (one time this crazy guy kept coming by and hassling me because I wouldn't give him a five-dollar Scrabble tile necklace for the change he had in his pocket. When he pulled his hand out of his pocket with the change, he also pulled out a big old prescription pill bottle. Then he yelled at me, and the husband of the woman in the next booth had to come over and protect me. The poor craft fair organizer said nothing like that had ever happened before--Bloomington can be kind of tame), but nothing like these. I love the black-on-white tile, and the metallic red spring-like fastener.

I'd also really love to learn beading and jewelry-making--all that wrapping wire, and making fastenings, and stringing beads. You know what you need for all that? You need tools! I especially love button bracelets. They tend to look really innocent and naive, but they can be quite sophisticated in their creation. I mean, look at the clean lines and subtle color scheme in this bracelet.

Don't ask me what I need another jar full of junk for, but doesn't this jar of junk just look awesome? It's full of little doodads and tchotchkes and cutie-pie thingies, plus jewelry findings to fasten them on to. I think it would be fun for collage-work for the girls, or cute jewelry for them, perhaps charm bracelets.

I'm always really happy when I check etsy for this blue skeleton plate and it's still there. I love it so much. The thing about etsy is, everything is one-of-a-kind, so you fall in love with something, put it in your favorites, think about it for a month, decide you can't live without it, go back for it, and bam!, somebody already bought it and it will never be yours. I still mourn for this pendant I saw once, with an image from a vintage medical textbook of a hand catching a baby emerging from the birth canal--beautiful.

What's beautiful to you?

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Donna said...

Thanks for the kind words about our black letter tile necklaces! :-)

Fortunately we haven't had a Mr. Koo-Koo-Bananas hassle us at a craft show. Yet. Yikes!


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