Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stegosaurus Weekend (Whew!)

I generally have more free time on the weekends, because my working-outside-the-house partner is, on weekends, perfectly willing to take on the less rewarding, more drudge-inducing aspects of parenting--the milk pouring, butt wiping, same book for the eighteenth time reading, nap administering, naughtiness punishing aspects of parenting. This means that, in addition to such family activities as shopping at garage sales, working out at the YMCA, goofing around in the wading pool shaped like a whale, watching "Kung Fu Panda" at the drive-in, and attending Matt's softball game, I had just enough time to work in my little one-woman stuffed stegosaurus sweat shoppe in preparation for the farmer's market craft fair on Saturday.

The shaggy red fur one with the white hearts is surplus fabric from my order at Distinctive Fabrics--it's so soft and comfy and I swear it feels like the fur of our foster kittens. The stripey one is felted wool from a thick sweater I bought one summer in Iceland, that never did suit me--horizontal stripes, perhaps, or maybe I just didn't need the extra bulk? Anyway, it's better as a stuffie. The blue vinyl is the completed project of what I was working on last week. And the blue denim one in the back is from a pair of my mother-in-law's pants. Now I need to find a sunny late afternoon between the storms to take some photos of the dinos outside, and I'll have them all set for etsy and my craft fair.

While I was sewing up the denim dino and Matt was putting Sydney down for a nap, I was, after a while, made suspicious by the silence in the house and went to find Willow. She was doing this:

She poured white milk for the kitties, and chocolate milk for herself.

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