Thursday, May 8, 2008

Messy Monkey

I'm starting a new web shop in my pumpkinbear shop at etsy. The girls and I love to make art supplies and I then like to make natural cleaning supplies to clean up after their use of said art supplies--thus, a web shop. Here's what I've got so far:

They're little one-ounce vegetable glycerin soaps with esential oils added in--I nerded out in my product listing, listing each of the essential oils from which a patron can choose, along with its therapeutic benefits and a description of its scent. Stuff like that is important to know, though, because peppermint soap really does make you feel better when you're nauseated, and eucalyptus soap really does clear out your congestion when you have a cold. The photos are all a little grumpy because it's been raining here for days and our house basically gets no natural light, so I might replace them when the sun shines again and I can make everything look cute out on the grass.

Stuff in the future Messy Monkey shop: two more sizes of heart soaps with essential oils, soap crayons (still in the r&d phase--I tried out a recipe yesterday that left my hands indelibly stained in purple), scented baby powder, recycled and remelted crayons, and kits for making your own art supplies and art projects with the kiddos. Any requests?

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