Thursday, May 22, 2008

Me! On the Web!

One of the things I did a few weeks ago that is pretty cool is enter into a consignment agreement with Handmade Collective, a new web shop. I think their site design is quite lovely, and my goal is to get more and better-quality publicity for my work than I've so far been able to manage myself. Etsy is a terrific way to sell online, and it's still my primary outlet, but it's easy to get lost in the huge masses of beautiful products at Etsy unless someone has conducted a pretty specific search or they're willing to do a lot of browsing. So Handmade Collective is kindly hosting one of my denim quilts, and I hope it sells.

Although I still haven't managed to find enough peace and sun to photograph and post my latest Etsy creations, the tie-dyed bibs I've been making a ton of and the tie-dyed quilt I'm pretty happy with since I learned how to use a bias tape maker for it, I did manage to find the sun and peace to at least photograph and upload/revise some listings for the felted wool pins I made last month and the essential oil soaps I posted a while ago with some then grumpy photos. I think these photos are much nicer:

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