Sunday, March 16, 2008


The Goodwill 50%-off storewide sale is awesome. I look forward to it with such joy in my heart. I mark it on my calendar and gaze at it happily whenever I happen by. I memorize the date, so that I can say things like, "No, we can't go to Indy next Saturday. That's the Goodwill 50%-off storewide sale." I plan the night before so as to get to Goodwill as soon as it opens at 9 am on the day of the sale (this Saturday, we were 9 minutes late. As Matt dropped me off on his way to the hardware store with the girls, he said, "Nine minutes late? Oh, please." And yet? I had to wait by the cash registers for a cart, and then follow the person with the cart out to her car, and then help her load into her car the 5,000 deoderants she had bought---which weren't even 50% off, because they were NEW!). I follow a strict hierarchy of departments to visit, based on what I want most, how crowded an aisle is, and if my arm is tired from pushing through overcrowded T-shirt racks.

I adore the storewide sale for numerous reasons: for one, I don't do a lot of shopping, so going on an actual shopping spree once in a while is fun. I also buy all our clothes, all our books and toys, and most of our household items used, so, for instance, Matt actually needed work pants, and Willow needed shorts for the summer. And I buy a lot of the materials I use in my handiwork used, so I'm always looking for wool sweaters to felt and T-shirts to quilt. Here's what I bought this Saturday:

  • dinosaur matching game, because the girls love dinosaurs

  • dinosaur pop-up book, same rationale

  • wading pool that must be tested and may or may not be returned, based on how massive it is and whether or not I decide it's actually an extravagance

  • 6 pairs of shorts for Willow for the summer, one of which is identical to a pair of Matt's cargo shorts--awesome. I need now to make her some ribbon belts to hold them up, since they're a little roomy.

  • flowery dress for Willow, unnecessary but very pretty

  • 2 pairs of work pants for Matt

  • one pair of jeans for me, one pair of brown pants, and one pair of brown pinstripe trousers--awesome. Only the jeans need to be hemmed, even.

  • Sewing for Dummies--awesome.

  • 3 wool sweaters for felting into stuffed animals or quilt blocks for some crib quilts I'm thinking about making

  • one stripey shirt, two peasant tops for me.

  • two hoodies for me, both brown, yet both different
  • two ringer tees, for me and Matt

  • half-dozen or so tie-dyed T-shirts for a quilt I'm making for us, to match one I donated to Willow's Montessori for an auction and really liked

  • three dinosaur T-shirts for a quilt I'm making for the girls

  • one Superman T-shirt for Matt

  • three Star Wars T-shirts for a quilt

  • one Captain America T-shirt for a quilt

  • four or five pillowcases for summer dresses for the girls, including a couple that match--awesome

  • one burgandy fleece blanket for a quilt backing

  • one Christmas-themed T-shirt for a quilt

  • one World's Best Mom T-shirt for a quilt

  • The Mouse and the Motorcycle, a chapter book to read to Willow at bedtime

Whew. And for way less than a hundred bucks.

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