Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Fair of the Arts Application

So I've been working lately on my application to A Fair of the Arts, the local craft fair that runs the second Saturday of every month from May to October at the farmer's market here. While I can't quite get on board with the name, it was more or less a rockin' good time last year, and my first-ever experience at a craft fair.

Here's my application, only partly cribbed from last year's:

Media (description of art/craft and the process by which it is made):

All products are made primarily from recycled, vintage, or otherwise pre-loved materials, re-imagined and put together in new and creative ways to craft beautiful quilts, housewares, jewelry, and art objects. The reuse of old materials into new is an environmentally-friendly way to create art and fine crafts. The specific product lines as of this writing are listed below:

Quilts from Clothes: Pre-loved denim, T-shirt, and blanket materials are pieced together into soft, comfy, and quirky patchwork quilts. Quilt sizes range from crib/toddler bed to a generous queen. Some quilts are also elaborated with cross stitch or hand embroidery decorations.
Price range: $40-$175.

Soldered Glass Pendants: Vintage stamps and wallpapers, magazine clippings, and other unique paper artifacts are sandwiched between microscope glass and soldered with lead-free solder and acid-free flux to create pendants for necklaces, earrings, holiday ornaments, and hanging art.
Price range: $20

Re-imagined Records: Pre-loved vinyl records are heated and formed into a variety of dishes, platters, and bowls, while their former cardboard covers find a new lease on life as gift boxes in a trio of sizes.
Price range: $5.

Reclaimed Crayons: Pre-loved crayon bits are melted and molded into colorful new creations perfect for the young artist’s hand.
Price range: $1-$3.

Titles of Digital Images:
Denim Patchwork Quilt with Soldered Glass Pendant Record Bowl Reclaimed Crayon Hearts Display at A Fair of the Arts 2007

I'm unhappy with my display photo, because I think my displays always look like junk and nobody else's displays ever look like junk. Huh, my house also looks like junk right now. And so do our cars. And our yard. What a weird coincidence...

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