Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Scenes from a Twelfth Birthday: It Began with Ballet, and Ended with Gummy Bears!

Syd's ballet recital fell on her twelfth birthday this year, which meant that although the day began with doughnuts, I also sneaked some eggs in with the sugar, then sent her off to spend half the day doing her favorite activity with some of her favorite people. Syd's ballet class was magical this year, a golden experience through and through--her level had only four girls in it, and that, combined with the happenstance that they were assigned the best ballet instructor that Syd has ever had, made the whole year just stellar, beyond anything I could have possibly hoped for her.

You can see in her bearing how much she's grown as a dancer this year:

And then the wind shifted direction--oops!

Ah, well. Back to posing, water-spotted tights be darned!

Ballet recitals are also a great time to get some family photos taken--

--at least until the wind shifts again...

Okay, back to posing!

Somehow Matt is never able to take a photo of me and the girls in which we're all smiling with our eyes open and facing the camera:

It is a struggle, I admit:

And yet I assure you, it can be done!

Matt kept suggesting that I might want to take a photo of Syd in front of these flowering trees, which is his way of saying that HE wants me to take a photo of Syd in front of the flowering trees. I'd already taken all the photos that I wanted, however, so I helpfully said something along the lines of reminding him that he had a camera and hands, as well, in what I can assure you was my most polite tone of voice (fine, it was not. It was probably kind of bitchy). But there's no denying that this photo of a daddy photographing his daughter is much sweeter than the photo I would have taken of the same original scene:

Fortunately, all the time that Syd had to spend in ballet rehearsals that weekend made building her secret present a cinch!

Yep, that's a slide off of our deck, because if you're not lowering your house value and endangering life and limb, how do you even know that you're having fun?

Moar sugar! 

And then some playtime, and then some carbs (our girl LOVES herself some pasta! We tease her generally daily about all the spaghetti she ate in Greece), and then some more sugar!

I baked a double batch of Victoria sponge, added sprinkles to the batter to make it into homemade Funfetti, and frosted it with cream cheese frosting. Will decorated it with Syd's favorite food, gummy candies.

I think she liked it okay!

I'm still thrilled about my Perler bead cake toppers.

Hiding for the day in the refrigerator did not improve the consistency of the gummy bears, I must warn you--

--so Matt ended up having to do the honors:

Nevertheless, a good time was had by all!

I think this kid is going to enjoy every last second of being twelve.

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