Sunday, January 18, 2015

Board Games, Tree Branches, and T-shirt Leotards

a round-up of board game storage ideas, because I needed some (I eventually decided on another set of pipe and board bookshelves--yay!)

and a T-shirt leotard tutorial, which entails much showing off of Syd on our aerial silks rig

MUCH much showing off. Sorry!

Project plans for the next week include a modification of the T-shirt leotard (assuming that I can find some more FOE), the creation of a "team" uniform (the children have a pretend aerial silks team named The Awesomes, and they require uniforms for this team... obviously), the construction of a Girl Scout cookie booth (our last DIY booth did not survive the move, alas), and whatever other miscellany comes my way.

That happens often, by the way, the thing about miscellany coming my way. Don't be surprised if I report  next weekend that none of this got done, but instead that I hand-sewed six child-sized costumes that look like various flavors of Girl Scout cookie (this is a thing). Or wasted an entire night, literally AND figuratively, taste-testing margarita recipes for a Mom's Night Out that I'm hosting on Saturday. Or spent a day baking ten different kinds of cookies, instead of the one dozen that I'm supposed to be helping the kids bake for our town's homeless shelter. Or...

...I don't know. I'll tell you next weekend!


Tina said...

I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow as it's the one day this week that doesn't have anything on the calendar. And the hubby has the day off. We thought about a trip out of town but I really like the idea of locking myself in the library/craft room and ignoring everyone all day.

Can't wait to see what your week brings!

julie said...

It's 11 am, and I still can't decide between day on or day off. Like, should I make everyone clean house all afternoon when they get home from their service project, and then have Matt take the kids to aerial silks so that I have more free time on Wednesday, or skip all that and play all afternoon? Family time is good, but so are clean houses and weeks that are less stressful!

Tina said...

I love a clean house, but not at the expense of a completely free day. We almost never get those.

I am happy to report that I have gotten quite a bit of crafty things accomplished already. Two mug rugs (out of 100% scrap fabric), a ton of postage stamp quilt block thingies cut out, my scrap bin sorted and made tidy, and now I am about to head back to my crafty cave and make some activity bags (either draw string or just tote type) and maybe make a leotard or swim suit.

I really should make something for myself.