Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mud and Paint

The girls and I spent the day mostly at play all together--books were read, and dried pasta was sorted, and the Pretend Mailbox was decorated with dried pasta (Sydney dignified herself by attaining her very first Hot Glue Gun Injury--ah, my big girls), and a documentary on California was viewed by most (Sydney undignified herself by falling asleep! just before the part about the Monterey Bay Aquarium!), and a little later, after she was awake, we dragged outside all our gallons of tempera paint and a huge roll of posterboard paper taken from Grandma Bangle's house, and I invited the girls to paint with their bodies however they wanted.

A few hesitant footsteps, and then Willow begins to channel Pollock, while Sydney prefers to channel one of those weird Warhol models. I'm afraid that I'm one of those moms who, when my kids play outside, cars slow down as they pass our house.

After the girls had both had their fill of painting I sent them over to hose themselves off, which for some reason led to a lengthy diversion by the mud pit. Did I tell you that we have a mud pit? We do.

And then I snuck back into the house (the wallow is quite near the study window, ideal for supervision purposes) and cut up four of Matt's old button-down dress shirts in order to make another skirt for myself. I need to finish that tomorrow, actually, because I have an order of twelve crayon rolls from my pumpkinbear etsy shop to make, and the matching pillowcase dresses for my wrap skirt, which actually still needs to be finished, by the way, and a cloth diapering class on Saturday and the girls' birthday party on Sunday, and oh, I'm trying to write 40 posts for the Green Options blogs this month because the CEO guy promised a $500 bonus to anyone who did and I want either a Blu-ray player that streams Netflix or a Cricut.

Or do you just want to take tomorrow off and come by and paint with us?


One Gal's Trash said...

There is nothing better in this world than naked girls and poster paint. I have your collage ready...a giveaway from many moons ago. (I used to be so much more organized.) Please email me your address, I will ship it off to you.
Hope your summer is swell...

cake said...

wonderful photos! and, i am glad that you have my number now, so that you can call me next time you break out the tempra outside.

Anonymous said...

just what my two girs do go naked and get crazy