Thursday, June 4, 2009


Don't worry--the games of chess and the book reading and the chimney repairman and the playdate and the oldest child's fall from the deck into the prickly bushes and the cooking of TWO hot meals in one day couldn't stop me. The bloomer factory officially finished elasticizing and ceased production today, to be put back into motion, likely, the next time any new fabric comes into the house and a child spies it--remind me to buy an extra half-yard of everything from now on.

Let's see...we have green polka-dotted bloomers:
Purple zig-zag bloomers:
Alphabet bloomers:The promised pink bubble-print bloomers:And green-and-yellow tie-dyed T-shirt bloomers: I thought these last bloomers came out so fugly. They never had a chance, though--green and yellow tie dye? They are Willow's favorite pair by FAR, however, so there you go.

Not pictured: a black-with-white-polka-dots pair, a pink silk Superman print pair, and a black flannel pair. So that's...oh dear, that's eight, but they really do sew up very quickly.

Next up--well, I'll probably do some laundry and call the YMCA to ask some last-minute questions about the girls' day camp next week and pick the latest crop of maple seedlings out of the lasagna garden and fold some more laundry...

But next up crafty-wise I think I'm going to play with some more vinyl record creations before next weekend's farmer's market craft fair...

But after that? has the BEST tutorial for fat quarter dinner napkins, and after a trip to Joann's (sale!) with two opinionated little girls and a completely ambivalent husband, there are 16 different blue print fat quarters in the wash as we speak.


P.S. Check out my post about applying to Renegade Chicago and Strange Folk over at Crafting a Green World.


Abby said...

CUTE. do you make those for big girls too? i wanna pair.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Abby said! I was just thinking how a pair of Superman bloomers would be really cute on me. ;)

julie said...

And I'll also make y'all matching pinafore dresses that are short enough to show off your bloomers, because that's what you really need for the full effect.

Pigtails and huge lollipop are also required.

Anonymous said...

I'll happily don pigtails and suck on a giant lollipop (even though they make me gag) if you sew us those bloomers with matching pinafore dresses! ;D