Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Whole Point Was the New Outfits, Anyway

So obviously, twelve hours after my little stress-fest about all the stuff I have to do this week, I can be stopped in my tracks and redirected for an entire morning based on the utterance of the following words:

"I wish me and Synney had matching outfits for Music Day."

Matt's all, "You don't have to make her matching outfits just because she asked for them."

I'm all, "Do you even KNOW me? This is why I am ALIVE!"

And thus: To this:The girls are wearing shirts that were originally either thrifted or dumpster dived, tights handed down from a little girlfriend--they had stained knees and so I dyed them black (didn't turn out great--next time I'll try purple or navy or some other color that will look better even when it's off a little), and their matching pink Chucks.

The skirts and reverse appliques are made from tie-dyed T-shirts that I thrifted a while back and was sort of saving for another stained glass quilt. If I make more of these skirts I'll post a tutorial, but they're ridiculously easy to do and also will look good only on a kid, whose body is just such a straight little noodle, you know. Basically, you just chop off the torso of the shirt at the length you want, leaving the shirt's bottom hem as the hem of your shirt, fold the top cut edge of the shirt down to the inside and zig-zag yourself an elastic casing, then insert elastic and finish your casing.

Reverse applique is a little trickier, but still a really accessible skill.

Music Day itself was...well, it is mainly for the kids, you know. There was a talented little violinist who played the looooongest version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" that I've ever heard (until I, too, enroll my children in the IU Pre-College Music Program, I suppose), one kid who played a drum while hiding behind the piano, a four-year-old kid who, AWESOMELY, was dressed all in black AND sang the first verse of "Ring of Fire," including the guitar parts, with this look of total fear in his eyes. My kid's name wasn't called, even though she was signed up, because the teachers think that I'm a total stage mom (I often give people in authority the wrong impression--it might be because I'm accidentally sarcastic sometimes...oh, and really critical of them inside my head) and that they know how to parent my kid better than I do.

What they DIDN'T know, however, is that the whole point of the plan was that Willow was signed up for a duet with Sydney, and that although there was no freakin' way on god's green earth that Willow would ever stand up and sing, my Sydney was chaffing at the bit to go up and do the whole song all by herself. Which was the plan.

Except they didn't call Willow's name.

Sydney cried the whole way home until I promised her that at pick-up time back at school, I would make the other parents stand and listen to her so she could, as she kept wailing, "Sing in front of the people! Wanna sing in front of the people!"

Which I did.

And which she did.

Because I swear that I am NOT a stage mom, but it is quite possible that I do have one stage kid.

If you're curious, here's an at-home version of the performance (turn your sound down--she's standing right next to the computer's microphone):

I tell ya, she would have floored them.


Anonymous said...

I'm laughing so hard, I can't type straight!

Good for Sydney!!

Lisa said...

Poor little thing didn't get to sing...b/c of those miserable ladies. Wish I could go with you and give them the "What for"! She sang beautifully on the video and I agree, she would have floored the audience! Pooh on them!

cake said...

those outfits are adorable. they look so good on them, not cheezy, totally original and wonderful. and, i love that they both have their hair up in double pony tails. too cute.

i totally know what you mean about living to craft at your kid's request. at the end of last month, cosmo's final words before going to sleep, "mama, you'll make me a new calendar for tomorrow?"
of course i will. even though they take about 4 hours to make, and i am really tired. just knowing that he loves the lift-the-flap calendars i make, and would be sad without them. i WILL make them. i will stay up late to lovingly craft them, on the night before the first of every month.

still not sure i understand why they did not call willow's name, unless they just didn't have time for everyone...? doesn't seem right.

Abby said...

your girls are so CUTE! i want a matching outfit too!! i'll wear my hair in pig tails if you make me one.

why in the world, would they not call willow's name? maybe we need to get sydney and avery together to perform. cute little hams.

julie said...

Oh, they didn't call Willow's name because she was terribly anxious about performing on stage, and they were upset that I just wouldn't take her off the list of performers.

I kept telling them, "Just call her name and when she doesn't stand up, just move on." And then I prepped Syd to do the whole song (sort of) by herself, so she was stoked for it.

I didn't bother to tell them my entire parenting philosophy about it, which is this: 1) anxiety is a healthy and natural feeling to feel. Feeling anxiety means that she's considering doing the thing that's scaring her, even if she's feeling miserable about it.

2) All she has to do is say no, and she doesn't have to perform. The important part is practicing to perform, which she did, and thinking about performing, which she did. Whether she says no or yes when her name is called, she then learns from that about how the anxiety she felt is pretty meaningless overall because it has no lasting effect.

Stupid me in that I didn't bother to give this whole lecture to the teachers because I just assumed that it was enough that I, the parent, had given them an instruction about how I wanted them to handle my kid.

But yes, I was super-pleased with the outfits, and I always knew that I had a prolem submitting to authority, anyway, so that's nothing new, either.