Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last 24 Hours

8:00 pm: I guess Matt didn't know that I often let the girls play with cheap-o shaving cream in the bathtub--it's a terrific sensory activity, very soothing, blah blah FUN. Therefore, when he went looking for the girls while I was out teaching and found them doing this--
--he kind of freaked out. And also ran for the camera, on account of he is awesome.

9:00 pm: The girls and I are eating crackers in bed and watching the presidential debate (cause that's just how we roll, people), and I say to Willow, "These two people are having a contest to be president. Which of them should win?" And Willow says, "That one," and she points...Right. At. John. MCCAIN!!!

I say, voice cracking in an attempt to remain calm, "Why do you want to vote for that man?"

"He's nice. He talks so nicely."

Of course--John McCain talks to us like we are four years old. Do you hear me, Uncle Charles? John McCain thinks you are four!

Thank god four-year-olds don't have the vote. Yet.

6:30 am: Sydney wakes up ritualistically chanting, "Nuss, Mama. Nuss, Mama. Nuss." I try to convince her that it's the middle of the night and she should go back to sleep. She doesn't buy it.

8:00 am: We bake chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, of course. Ah, Bob's Red Mill, I heart you. Seriously, though--give your kid a cookie, slather it in peanut butter, hand her a banana and a cup of milk, and that's totally breakfast.

8:45 am: I suggest a nature hike. The girls are on board--Willow just has to get dressed.

9:15 am: Will's reading a book. Says she'll get dressed in a minute.

10:00 am: The girls are playing bad bears.

11:00 am: Still insisting she'll get dressed in a minute, Will asks to break out the acrylic paints. Should I stand firm?

12:30 pm: Thank god--I get to eat a veggie burger really quickly and then do my own stuff for a blissful little while.

1:49 pm: It's over. "Hey, Sydney! Let's fold laundry while watching Joan of Arcadia Season 2 from the library!"

3:07 pm: After-school snack--two bananas, two bags of Smart Puffs, baggie of leftover French fries, bottle of water. One baby, wearing shoes and a fresh diaper and long sleeves. A book for Mama. It's Thursday, I don't have to be at school tonight, and I'm a-gonna bike to Montessori!

3:22 pm: I am totally about to puke.

3:35 pm: Mom gossip, check the fit of the waistband for a tutu I'm tying for one of Will's little girlfriends, force gossiping moms to help me scrounge for black walnuts under the walnut tree while gossiping, eat a couple of Smart Puffs to carb up for the ride back home.

4:36 pm: I am seriously going to puke this time.

4:45 pm: I have to just close my eyes for just a minute--"Hey, girls, I got the dinosaurs Reading Rainbow from the library!"

5:15 pm: "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!" We reconvene outside.

5:20 pm: Hmmm, I could tie a tutu outside as well as inside, I'll wager...

5:22 pm: Ugh. I love the kid, but her color choices are like a cotton candy nightmare:

Will takes one look at the mess and says, "I want my next tutu in the exact same color, so Ella and I can be matches!" This from the kid who along with her sister chose probably 30 yards of tulle and net in the last two weeks, all for tutus for the two of them, none of it pink and purple and aqua.

Next Willow says, "I learned something new today."

"Cool! What?"

"Vowels are letters. I used to think they were animals."

"Animals, huh?"

"Yeah, like black ghost-es." Then, upon my request, Will runs for pen and paper and draws me a picture of what she used to think vowels look like:

Yep, black ghost-es all right.

6:20 pm: Matt arrives home to find me hunched over the stepstool like a witch over her cauldron:

7:20 pm: I tie and tie:

7:50 pm: Done! But who can model for me, to see if it will fit?8:oo pm: Crap, what's for dinner?


Abby said...

love it. seriously, you need to write a book. AND make lily a tutu when she's 2.

see you tomorrow. think we have 6 signed up at the moment. could be some last minute peeps. we've got some new mei tais - baby hawk. they're awesome.

julie said...

I LOVE BabyHawk!!! Your shop is so sweet to cater to all us butch mamas, too.

Anonymous said...

crap, what's for dinner? i say that every night just about. i hate dinner.

(btw, did you know you could order bob's red mill stuff in 25 lb bags - we just ordered our son's gf flour mix directly through their website- it ended up being about $1/lb including shipping! so apparently we need to order him some cookie mix that way, too!)