Monday, December 8, 2014

Work Plans through December: Math, Grammar, and Handwork

The Nutcracker went amazingly well! Syd was a champ through five performances in four days, and the rest of us were champs at supporting her, if I do say so myself--we had her in perfect hair (which took me 20 minutes to make each time) and makeup and a clean(-ish) uniform, at whatever time they told her to be there on less than a day's notice, for whatever odd length of time they wanted to keep her, sometimes bringing her back just an hour and a half later for another rehearsal. That kid danced her heart out on stage, and thanks to the university's livestreaming program, I was able to watch every single performance, not just the one that we all attended in person yesterday. Overall, the experience was intense, but if your kid loves ballet, then this is what she wants to do, you know?

We're tired today, and we've got relatives in town, but even after we've slept in for a couple of days and the relatives have had to go home, I don't think we'll be returning to a full school schedule this month. Math and grammar are packaged and easy to do anywhere, so I'll continue with daily assignments on those subjects. The kids also have some work to do for their extracurriculars--homework for tomorrow's last horseback riding class of the session, math class on Friday, an interview to plan with an ER doctor for our Girl Scout Co-op next week, and Magic Tree House Club next week--but other than that, I'll be encouraging them to also spend time each day on handwork, both Christmas-themed and for giftmaking.

I usually don't like to take the kids off of a full schedule for that long, because I'm always worried that Will, my kid who has a tough time with transitions, will have a tough time transitioning back, but frankly, at this time of year, with all the extra activities and events and surprises and gifts and specialness and excitement, I don't see how teachers at school can keep their students focused on a full day of school every day, either. I'd rather just give in and let them revel in it while they're young.

And if I do, then perhaps when they're grown they won't turn into Christmas grumps like me!


Tina said...

I was just talking to my mother-in-law (who taught elementary school for 30+ years) about this! She's long term subbing right now and she has basically given up trying to keep them fully engaged all day. She plans to have the kids write letters (and I suggested she have them decorate the envelopes as mail art) and other low key type of activities.

I am so glad to hear that Syd had a great time with the Nutcracker! I would love to take Emma to see the performance sometime if we are ever in an area that offers it.

Oh, and I cut out a few postage stamp quilt thingys today (btw, I got the package and I love everything!). My goal is to get back into my crafty grove this coming year because I think that's whats wrong with my. Not enough crafting.

julie said...

Crafting is always a great New Year's Resolution!

I think handwork can be really grounding, allowing kids to focus in on something other than the sensory overload of the season. I also FINALLY bought and installed our indoor aerial silks rig, and the tons of physical activity that we're all getting all day is another huge help.


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